Bore & Deep well Pumps

Bore & Deep Well Pumps
4” Borehole Submersible Pumps
DAB Borehole submersible pumps incorporate the latest technology in hydraulic design and materials to reduce running costs, extend pump life and increase serviceability.
Also available in Variable Frequency Drive.

Deep Well Pumps
Designed for deep wells, offset and boleholes 100mm or larger to depths up to 27 metres. Available to operate automatic or manual.
Features include TEFC air gap motors and a selection of injector kits to suit your needs.

Domestic & Household Pumps

Surface Mounted Horizontal Multistage Pumps
Suitable for domestic use of water supply & pressurisation, irrigation of gardens & moving of water in general. Ideal for small to large homes with above ground tank.
Available with Automatic Pump controller or pressure switch.

Surface Mounted Jet Pumps
Suitable for domestic water supply, boosting & gardening, agricultural applications with below or above ground tanks & dams.
Available with Automatic pump controller or pressure switch.


We offer installation, maintenance & repairs of all irrigation systems. We have many years of experience in irrigation.

Pool & Spa Pumps

Your pool & spa pump is key to a clean, safe pool all year round. You and your family want to enjoy your pool & spa without the faulty operation hassles and noise that can come with poor performing pool pumps. Our pool & spa pumps offer high quality at an affordable price.

They are quiet, reliable and easy to install.
Combined with one of our high performing sand or cartridge filters.
Our pumps make pool & spa maintenance a breeze.
We offer all major brands.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting
Available in surface mounted or Submersible packages. Suitable for small to large homes. Supplying water to toilets, washing machines & garden taps.

Variable Speed Pressure Systems
Suitable for use on small to large homes, irrigation systems, caravan parks, motels, schools, amenity blocks and small unit blocks.

Stormwater, Greywater & Sewer Pumps

Open multi – vane pump/ Drainage
Ideal for use with clear or slightly soiled waste-waters containing small solids, strained water, rainwater, seepage and water pumped from underground.

Vortex Pumps
Suitable for the dewatering of cellars, garages and  slightly soiled biological waste-waters and sewage with small solids.

Grinder & Cutter Pumps
Suitable for unstrained domestic & civil waste-waters, including those containing filments or fibre. Pump sewage and solid wastewater.

Packaged pump stations
• Single or dual pumps
• Free standing plumbing or guide rails
• Interconnecting pipework & fittings
• Isolating valves  • Lifting chains
• Non return valves
• Controllers and Float switches

Pump Accessories

Automatic Pump Controllers
Pressure Switches
Pressure Tanks

Control Boxes
DAB & Bianco Pump Spare Parts
Pump Accessories

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